Welcome back to Trace located at the W Atlanta Midtown. My name is Shean Suter. I am the executive chef. Today, we're going to kind of discuss what Trace is really all about and the passion that I share and our whole staff really cares and shares about what we're doing. 

Trace is a concept born of Starwood that has the ability to trace back where the food is coming from and the origins of the food. Here in Atlanta, it's based a lot on those southern flavors and the hospitality that you get when you just come down into the south, and how caring and genuinely pleasant people are in wanting to take care of you. 

We source everything regionally. We go all the way up to the Mason-Dixon line, all the way over to Texas, and down into Florida so that we can continually source the best product out there. It's not necessarily always about being hyper local, but it is about supporting your area. 

We also look and source a lot of food from the community. We like to use small businesses and keep finding these guys that are just trying to come up and they only have a small retail. We have a lot of power behind what we do, so we like to go in and find these guys and get them to make my desserts or charcuterie or some jams. Sure, we could do all that here in-house, but when there are so many other skilled people out there, why not support the community. 

We want to be looked at not as a restaurant in a hotel but a restaurant in the community. So we try to go out and find these guys to support everyone. We have local beers. We look for local spirits. It's really about finding those small guys around and helping them be part of something that we believe in. 

We look at a lot of farms that are around the area. Atlanta is surprisingly gaining more and more of the farming community. There are farms 20 minutes away. There are farms five minutes away from the middle of the city. We use a lot of these farms, Atlanta Urban Farming, Made for Farms, REG, just to name a few. There is just so much. It's very up and coming and should be a part of every culinary. What they should try to do is support small guys and get farming back on track. That's just what we want to try to be is those guys that are supporting those who support you. 

That's what we ask of everybody, just to kind of understand why we change our menu so we can change with the season and what these farmers are carrying. We have the ability to switch it. When they run out of a product, I can change and adjust to what they have in season. That's kind of where we try to fit things, you know, carry that passion that they have for their growing or their raising of whatever. I try to put that into my food, and our servers put that into their service, and hopefully everyone walks away with understanding the passion that we have for what is Trace. 

Come on in and try us out and see the passion that we have for everyone.

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HOEDOWN (Jason Shaw) / CC BY 3.0