In case you didn't catch the sea of rich, decadent sweets that have adorned restaurant menus, supermarkets and pharmacy aisles throughout this month, we'd like to inform you that February is National Chocolate Month. Yes, this exists and we aren't complaining. Nothing says sweet surrender like chocolate. The art and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into transforming bitter seeds from the cacao tree into an intricate delicacy that's been celebrated for centuries is one to be marveled upon. So to close out the month of love, and chocolate, we're rounding up five of the most devilishly delicious chocolate desserts in Atlanta. Prepare for a cocoa coma y'all.


Flourless Chocolate Cake

Starting off our descent into cocoa bliss is our very bit of heaven, the Flourless Chocolate Cake. Be sure to leave some room after delectable bites of farm fresh fare and brilliant cocktails to enjoy this rich, chocolaty treat with light Chantilly cream and deliciously sweet raspberries. Licking your plate is optional, but highly recommended.

Park 75

Chocolate Bomb Sundae

Not only is award-winning restaurant Park 75 housed in the five-star ranked Four Seasons Atlanta, but it's journey into cacao land is something straight out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Out of the many chocolate offerings they undertake, the creative brilliance of their Chocolate Bomb — a sphere of molded milk chocolate that encapsulates creamy vanilla bean ice cream, warm brownie pieces and sundae toppings — will drop a similar bomb on your taste buds. The romp? Warm caramel is drizzled over the top, melting and breaking the chocolate shell to reveal all the goodies on the inside. Yes please!

Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co.

The Epiphany Collection

Sweet surrender happens the minute you step foot into Virginia-Highland chocolatier, Cacao Atlanta Chocolate Co. Their motto of "bean-to-bar" is a staple and testament to the painstaking effort it takes to create a memory in chocolate. Whether it's bars with subtle hints of champagne and fruit, pouches of Capri Sun-esque sipping chocolate or even a roll of chocolate "salami", Cacao puts the "C" in chocolate. We're a bit partial to the aptly-named Epiphany Collection of chocolates that will evoke a feeling of just that. Assorted flavors like Earl Grey Aperol, Bourbon Espresso and Cayenne Passion Fruit shine on the colorful palette ganache and dark chocolate. We just had an epiphany, we want another!

BLT Steak

Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait

Downtown meat mansion BLT Steak at W Atlanta - Downtown has more going for it than just sublime cuts of cow. The foray of desserts equally shine starting with their ode to one of the best food combinations ever, peanut butter and chocolate. Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfait is sinfully decadent, like a Reese's peanut butter cup has been spending way too much time in the gym. The combination of peanut butter chocolate mousse crowned with dark chocolate and banana ice cream of top (oh, did we forget to mention that) is perfectly balanced and plays off each ingredients strengths for a bite that's a dream on your spoon. Look-ing good!


Chocolate Nemesis

South Buckhead small plates operation, Saltyard, has garnered a name for itself in packing loads of big time flavors to little bites and their dessert offerings are no exception. Take their Chocolate Nemesis, a wickedly good excursion into sugary paradise that will soon become your best friend. Tell your secrets to this light, souffle-esque cake that combines rich cocoa, vanilla, clementines and pomegranate whip for a bite worth sharing. That's what friends are for!