Seafood is a delicacy enjoyed by many throughout the world for its fresh taste and variety of different flavors and presentations. From coast to coast, seafood establishments far and wide pride themselves on unique styles that secure a packed house night after night. Over the years, Atlanta has created and adopted tastemakers from all over the world, each giving their own contribution that assist in the development and elevation of the city’s food scene. So as the summer heat comes down, TRACE at the W Atlanta – Midtown would like to help navigate your seafood journey. 
 Although we typically know where to find great fish, lobster and crabs, today we’re looking into amazing Oyster Bars around the city of Atlanta. Take a look as we provide a list of 5 cool and innovative locations for the finest Oysters the city has to offer. 

The Optimist
914 Howell Mill Rd

Type the words “Oyster” and “Atlanta” into almost any online search engine and one of your first results will likely be The Optimist on Howell Mill Rd. Listed as one of the top seafood restaurants in Atlanta, visitors can’t seem to get enough of the Oyster Bar located off the main dining room. Owner, Chef Ford Fry brings to this venue an upscale but modern twist that reviewers rave as a top seafood experience. 
What many seem to enjoy is the amount of variation you can get. Over 10 breeds of oysters, the amazing décor and the wood fired oven are just a few reasons The Optimist is cherished by the city of Atlanta. 

Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar 
705 Town Brookhaven

For those looking to get straight to business Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar has just what you need. Located in the swanky cove of Town Brookhaven, this Oyster Bar is designed in mind for those who know what they want (i.e. Oysters) and need a whole lot of it. Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar is a family-run restaurant; the third restaurant in Town Brookhaven from Here to Serve Restaurants founder Tom Catherall. 

So what makes Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar so different? One big highlight is the imported Oysters that come from France, Ireland, England, Milan and many other countries. Catherall’s travels serve as a large inspiration for his passion for seafood. During a trip to London in 2013 Catherall visited over 20 Oyster Bars and made sure to bring the same enjoyment he found overseas back to the states. Shucks has won over many Atlanta residents with its $6 half dozen Oysters Happy Hour special. Online reviews prove that although many didn’t know what to expect they are happy to stop in for a wonderful family style experience. 

Hugo’s Oyster Bar 
10360 Alpharetta St 

For the Oyster enthusiasts willing to travel the extra mile for an amazing experience, we’ve got the perfect place for you. Fifteen minutes north of the city, in Roswell, stands the great white building of Hugo’s Oyster Bar. Decorated with a professional but relaxed style, Hugo’s Oyster Bar is the hidden treasure you’ll be telling friends about later that week. Whether you enjoy your Oysters inside or prefer the open front patio, Hugo’s provides guests with a warm welcoming vibe to go along with their amazing menu. Aside from being a seafood powerhouse Hugo’s is known for their specialty flavors of Oysters. The restaurant even has their own signature Oyster titled the Hugo’s Oyster which includes Bacon, Jalapenos and Cheddar cheese. 

Kimball House 
303 E Howard Ave 

Decatur, Georgia is an area known for its rich culture and wide variety of eateries. Although many restaurants inhabit the region, when it comes to Oysters, Kimball House is likely the first to be mentioned. Kimball House is considered an Atlanta favorite but let’s break down why that may be. Is it the ever popular but constantly evolving menu? Could it be the great customer service? Or is it the half priced menu that keeps this place buzzing? Whatever it is, Kimball House has earned a name at the top of the Oyster Bar scene in Atlanta and we doubt they’ll be replaced anytime soon. 

Fontaine’s Oyster House 
1026 N Highland Ave NE 

The Virginia Highlands area has seen a large update over the past year filled with new apartments, visitors traveling along the Atlanta Beltline and of course amazing restaurants. So it should come as no surprise that Fontaine’s Oyster House made our list. The moment you open your phone and head to your Yelp app it is plain to see that the city of Atlanta can’t get enough of Fontaine’s. Whether it’s raw oysters, baked oysters or the Oyster Sampler you can’t seem to go wrong with just about anything on their menu. As if the excellent food isn’t enough, the outdoor patio during the summer months provides a great way to enjoy the food and the scenery simultaneously. 

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