There are those of us out there that simply enjoy fresh foods! Here at TRACE at the W Atlanta – Midtown we are definitely fresh food lovers. Whether it’s the first bite into a perfectly marinated grass fed burger or slicing veggies into your daily salad, fresh foods can make a world of difference. 

Unfortunately, many local food lovers have difficulty finding info on where to obtain these foods. Many find themselves online each day seeking the truth about certain foods and we’ve stumbled upon a site that should help in your venture to discover news and updates about fresh food. is more than just an online directory for local farmers, but it’s a community filled with like-minded individuals, focused on bringing vital information on fresh foods to all those who seek it.       
People become interested in a healthier eating style for a slew of different reasons. News reports, doctor’s orders or just becoming more aware cause many to investigate the foods they consume each day. Although fresher foods are becoming a more popular subject of conversation, where are people going to discuss these topics? The internet would be most people’s first answer and by definition they’d be correct. But more specifically, is there a site that presents the subject of agriculture and fresh food in a way that entices and educates both farmers and fresh food enthusiasts? Here’s where Agrilicious comes in. 
“Your Go-To Source for All Things Local Food” is stated boldly on the About section of and the site definitely lives up to its word. Agrilicious is a company based out of Bothell, Washington, located 20 miles northeast of Seattle. The company may be based out of Washington but Agrilicious spreads a positive message about agriculture, food knowledge and preparation that touches visitors from across the world. 


At first glance the Agrilicious website is easy to comprehend and fairly direct. The My Neighborhood section of the site invites visitors to Join the Movement, providing them with access to key information. Why sign up? Agrilicious gives users the ability to Search local farms, restaurants and delivery options. You can Educate yourself on the benefits of organic food and buying local. Have a delicious tip you think the world could use to improve everyday dishes? Well through Agrilicious you can Submit a Recipe to the rest of the Agrilicious Community. There’s also a Q&A as well as an Agrilicious TV section filled with both films and series to keep you in the know and entertained. 

For the business minded or “Agripreneurs” out there, you’ll enjoy the many site features that Agrilicious has to offer. The site boasts several B2B opportunities, bringing Food Hubs, Co-Ops, Supplier Consultants and Distributors under the same roof. Whether you own your own farm or restaurant and are looking for a way to connect with others in your industry or you’re a media influencer and would like to blog about the agricultural lifestyle, Agrilicious has got you covered. 

One amazing part about Agrilicious is the fact that they’re truly dedicated to seeing you learn more about the subjects of which you find interest. Answerville is a portion of the site that acts as the Q&A for Agrilicious. Now although we hadn’t signed up for an account we were pleasantly surprised to see visitors are granted access to this section and all others even without a membership. Certain actions are restricted such as participating in the Q&A. So although you’re free to browse through others questions you won’t be able to ask your own questions or provide feedback to those requesting information until you’ve registered with the site. 

With the amount of social networks and different sites that feed the internet with information, it’s amazing to see what Agrilicious has done thus far. Taking a subject such as agriculture and presenting it online in a way that today’s children and business professionals can learn and absorb and connect with others is outstanding and a big leap forward for the Farm to Table community.

We at TRACE at the W Atlanta – Midtown have outwardly spoken on what a pleasure it is to be included in the Farm to Table family especially in the city of Atlanta. Serving our customers the freshest of foods is not only warming to our hearts but provides us a certain level of satisfaction to know that we’re assisting in bridging the gap between local foods and the residents that enjoy them. We hope that you add Agrilicious to your fresh food directory and find even more information on the advancement of our agriculture system both in Atlanta as well as around the world. 

Be sure to follow Agrilicious both on Twitter @AgriliciousSPC and on Facebook.

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